The not so pretty side of being a florist

flowers malvern eastSo, you love flowers? What would be more pleasing than to be a professional florist and be surrounded by beautiful flowers all the time? But beware, beautiful as it might seem it is not as pretty. Trust me that you cannot be a successful florist if you DON’T love being one!

I’m not here to dissuade you from becoming one but trust me on this that there are some things that you should know before becoming a florist. If you think you can embrace the profession with its downside, I’m sure you are on your way to becoming a top florist.

So, let’s begin!

Being a florist is not only about beautiful flowers
First things first. If you had not thought about it already, maybe now is the time to. If you actually thought that being a florist would mean spending your entire day around flowers and mentally visualizing them in some kind of arrangement, then my friend you could not have been more wrong.

Yes, it will be about pretty stuff most of the time, but that does not mean you should ignore the other jobs that are part and parcel of it. Ever thought about if you can manage to stand on your feet the entire day? Or how you would feel about waking up early to remove thorns off of countless flowers? Yes, it’s all about the hard work behind scenes that is most important for a beautiful outlook.

Long hours…especially in the peak season

Just imagine the florist that you go to or pass by on your way to work. Have you seen how they are up and about in the peak season? How they are still there selling florist malvern east when you are out for a very late drive? Think about New Year’s, the Valentine’s Day and the wedding season to name a few. If you are one to love your sleep then rethink a career in floristry. Regardless of the long hours the day before, you will not only still have to show up each day but will also have to serve your clients with a smile and satisfy them in spite of being mentally and physically dead.

How to find a good florist?

Confused? Well anyone can be a florist but being a good florist is a totally different ball game. A good florist is a one-man army. They have to switch roles faster than you can finish the water in your glass. One minute they are the salesperson, trying to guide their customers, the next they are designers trying to satisfy their customer’s by making an arrangement of flowers, Malvern will be proud of. Don’t forget packing and wrapping the bouquet to make it look gorgeous!
The final choice is yours. I feel like I have been so negative in this post that I need to write the best things about being a florist, Malvern soon. Don’t ignore what I said… in the meantime treat yourself to the service of flower delivery, Malvern and order a nice bouquet for your eyes. Happy thinking!