Leaking water pipes have many serious disadvantages and this makes them dangerous

Underground water leak detectorLeaking water pipes have many serious disadvantages and this makes them dangerous. Failing to detect the problem earlier can cause damage to the complete house structure. They can also make you pay more for water than expected. Added to this is the fact that water leaks promote mold and mildew growth which is unhygienic for your families or employees. As a homeowner, how can you solve these potential problems? Underground water leak detector!

In most cases, water leak detection is not as complicated as it seems. It only requires homeowners to look at the right place. Since it doesn’t affect hidden pipelines, you can DIY.



This is the commonest location to find water. Inside the bathroom you should carefully check the following:


One or two water supply pipes are connected to the sink. You want to check under these pipes for leaks.
b. Showers and Bathtubs
Leaking drain shower pan leaks are common sources of water damage. When you observe green coloration and stains on the wall or around water pipes, it is a pointer to leaking pipes.


Water from a broken water supply pipe may corrode the ceramic toilet seat. Ensure to remove and replace worn out or broken pipes when you notice a leak.


The kitchen is another frequent destination of water damage. Several water pipes are connected to the kitchen, making them subject to leaks.


Some people connect the water hose to their refrigerator to make ice. In this case, a wet floor around the refrigerator may be a sign of a punctured host or broken pipe. Hoses must be replaced to avoid leaks.

Sink and Dishwasher

The water pipe that is connected to the sink and dishwater should be periodically checked for leaks. Check the pipes under the dishwater for evidence of Underground water leaks. A slow-draining pipe (connected to the sink) may indicate a partially blocked drain that needs cleaning.

Laundry and Utility Rooms

The next location to check is your laundry and utility room. Leaking pipe lines are usually common in this area.

Water Heater

Deteriorated water heaters may start leaking; this can make the floor a wet spot. Most times, this may be as a result of rust or improper installation. Note: water heaters should be installed on the lowest level of the home inside a drain pan piped to the floor drain.

Washing Machine

Check to see whether the water supply hose that is connected to the washing machine is in good shape. Ensure that both ends of the host are connected properly and replace deteriorated hosts.


Your air conditioners should be inspected and cleaned occasionally. If the host or air filters have an issue, water leaks may be experienced.

This little routine maintenance can save you a lot. As much as you are busy, devote the time to check for water leaks. If you experience difficulties in detecting a broken pipe, you should call Underground water leak detector in Melbourne. Our experienced plumber and technicians are one call away from help.